Dropbox is great for wanting to save your work and share it with others. However, over the years, other competitors have created better services rendering Dropbox obsolete. No one wants or needs to use Dropbox anymore with better and more useful services/apps out there. People want to use a service that will most benefit their business. Dropbox doesn’t accomplish this anymore.

Dropbox first launched in 2007 by Co-Founders Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi. It was created to be compatible with any device and serve both people and businesses. The main purpose of Dropbox is to be a secure place where people can place their files, photos, and videos. Users are able to share their files with others easily. For some people, this service is all they need.

However, Dropbox does have cons which could affect your work. First, it is more expensive than other cloud file storage services for business. With the Enterprise Plan users have said it can cost as much as $750 per year! That’s insane!!! Dropbox is also not user-friendly and it can be hard to find your files. Lastly, it is time-consuming to upload large files. For a person and/or business owner, there are better services out there such as Google Drive and OneDrive.

Google Drive

I have to say, Google Drive is one of the most useful tools any person/business needs to utilize. You can quickly and easily upload any files. You can even upload folders not just files! What’s great about it is that you automatically get Google Drive with your Gmail account. This makes it easier to send other Gmail users files. You can also restrict their access to files whether it be to edit it, view, or comment. With Google Drive, you can also use it as an alternative “Word” program to create excel, text, powerpoint, drawings, maps, forms, and sites. Dropbox can’t match that! Just like Google Drive, it is compatible with most devices. Also, you can easily use Google Drive on the go on your phone to share and create documents. With the free Google Drive, you get up to 15 GB of storage. If you need to increase your storage, it is affordable: 100 GB for $1.99 p/month, 1 TB for $9.99 p/month, and 10 TB for $99.99 p/month. This is definitely a lot cheaper than Dropbox.

One Drive

If you have the newer versions of Windows, you already have One Drive. All you have to do is sign into your Microsoft account and start saving files. It is great for both personal and business use. It is compatible to share files on iOS, Android, Mac, and PC devices. You can save any type of file to One Drive including photos, video, and PDF files. Just like other cloud file storage services, you can easily share your files with others and coworkers. Pros of One Drive are that the syncing process is very quick and works seamlessly in real-time with Microsoft Office documents.

With One Drive, there are four different plan options. You automatically get the free plan which includes 5 GB of storage. The next plan is only $1.99 for 50 GB of storage. For $69.99 per year, you get Office 365, 1 TB of storage, installation on 1 Mac or PC, installation on 1 phone and tablet, and Powered Productivity and Super Sharing. The only difference for the last package is that it costs $99.99 per year, includes 5 TB of storage, and installation on 5 PC or Mac, 5 phones, and 5 tablets.

By clearly looking briefly at One Drive and Google Drive, they are better options than Dropbox. Now, I am not saying Dropbox is bad, I am just saying there are better options for personal and business use. So, when you have a chance, take a look at One Drive and Google Drive.